Current Consolidated Statutes and Regulations

Important Notice:

Not all the legislation of Nunavut is available as an up-to-date consolidation.

Unless it is specifically marked as being an official consolidation, a consolidation on this website is not an official statement of the law. It is an unofficial consolidation prepared for convenience only.

In the case of an official consolidation, subsection 66(2) of the Legislation Act provides that "If there is an inconsistency between a consolidated enactment and the original or revised enactment as amended, the original or revised enactment as amended prevails."

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Note: This consolidation is not up to date. See subsequent amendments: S.Nu. 2020,c.15,s.142(3). This Act will be repealed on the coming into force of the Apprenticeship and Certification Act, S.Nu. 2021,c.18.