Current Consolidated Statutes and Regulations

Important Notice:

Not all the legislation of Nunavut is available as an up-to-date consolidation.

A consolidation is not an official statement of the law. It is an office consolidation prepared for convenience only.

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This Act, R.S.N.W.T. 1988,c.C-22, is repealed by the new Corrections Act S.Nu. 2019,c.13,s.74 [NIF].

See subsequent amendments (R.S.N.W.T. 1988,c.C-22): S.Nu. 2019,c.13 and S.Nu. 2020,c.15,s.142.

See subsequent amendments (S.Nu. 2019,c.13): S.Nu. 2020,c.15,s.100.


R.S.N.W.T. 1988,c.E-3 (Repealed by S.Nu. 2002,c.1,s.58(NIF)): This consolidation is pending. See subsequent amendments: SN.W.T. 1998,c.21,s.5, S.Nu. 2002,c.1,s.58, S.Nu. 2002,c.15,s.34 and S.Nu. 2020,c.15,s.142.


See subsequent amendments: S.Nu. 2013,c.20,s.19, S.Nu. 2017,c.20,s.68, S.Nu. 2017,c.22,s.19, S.Nu. 2018,c.8,s.3 and S.Nu. 2020,c.15,s.106.